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What we do

We are a dynamic team that will provide bespoke editorial and content services to individuals, small businesses and corporate organisations. From conception through to completion of a project, we help you communicate complex ideas with clarity, simplicity and integrity.

Our services


Improving readability and ensuring correct and thorough knowledge transfer from the author to the reader


Fixing the grammar and spelling gremlins

Content Development

Using provided source text or requesting content research, we can develop texts to meet your needs

Template Design

Let us design a template for your repeatable documentation, to ensure consistency

Editorial Management

Scheduling, managing and editing texts from multiple authors to produce a final document with a consistent voice and standardised formatting


German, French, Afrikaans, English


Travel Article

Business Article

Feature Article

Humour Column

Product Review

Editor's Letter

Advice Column

Company Profile

Our Clients

Our team

Alison Budge

Alison Budge

A language practitioner with an exceptional eye for detail, Alison is an experienced editor, copy writer, editorial manager, and content developer who runs Righting & Writing. Alison has a knack for extracting the essential information required from technical sources and subject matter experts, translating it into ‘normal people speak’

Corrina Eviritt

Corrina Everitt

Document specialist with years of project admin and corporate experience. Copy editing, proofreading, document formatting and freelance travel writing are among Corrina’s skills and she enjoys all aspects of working with words and communication.


Martine Ayer​

As a highly skilled and experienced Marketing & Communication Consultant, Martine develops targeted marketing & communication strategies for brands across diverse sectors. Fluent in four languages and passionate about French, Martine finds the right words to transform a literal translation into a clear and efficient message.

Stacey Nel

Stacey Storbeck Nel

An award-winning designer with over 20 years’ experience in both publishing and advertising, and owner of Indio Design, Stacey’s passion for design is visible through a high-quality portfolio. Her dedication to achieving perfect results for her clients is guaranteed. Professionalism, excellent service, commitment, and affordable rates are the cornerstones of Indio Design’s success.

Rolf Rohwer

Rolf Rohwer

Dedicated teacher of languages with a penchant for the study of style, what words do and can do in a specific context. Retirement activity: Translator. Accredited for English, German and Afrikaans, admitted and enrolled as sworn translator and interpreter in the High Court of South Africa.

Grace Groenewald

Web designer working on WordPress websites. She is a dedicated worker who loves what she does. She will investigate and research new ideas and Google is definitely one of her best friends. She enjoys revamping old sites and finds it essential to stay updated with the latest design trends.


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